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If you are wondering if there are supplements you can take to help you get the tight body, the energy and the enthusiasm you can “just see”, then after reading this you will be able to make an informed decision for yourself.

Your body needs water, protein, carbohydrates and fat to survive.  Those are called macro-nutrients. Vitamins and minerals are micro-nutrients. They are found inside of the macro-nutrients and elsewhere. You should try to get as much of what your body needs from a well balanced diet. One that is full of lean protein, fiber rich complex carbs, and lots of fruits, vegetables and nuts, too. Sometimes diet alone is not enough to fill all your nutritional needs , especially if you are very active or restricting your diet in any way. I recommend at least taking a multivitamin – multi-mineral complex to help fill in the blanks. Liquid vitamins are assimilated more quickly and thoroughly than tablets or pills. One type that I love, that works great and tastes great too & is a vitamin mineral colloidal sea silver complex. It tastes like a slightly salty cranberry juice. Not only does it help to make sure you get what you need,but it also helps you get rid of some of what you don’t­- it has a mild detoxification effect, also.

What supplements can help you perform better? You must be careful with performance enhancement supplements. Many of them are stimulants that can make you jittery and edgy. Some can make you crash when they start to wear off, making you way more tired and irritable than when you started. Stimulants can also be addictive. If used responsibly they can give you the boost you need to “go the extra mile” though. Whether that is on stage, in the gym or wherever. One type that has few side effects and is quite effective is the 5 hour energy shot. Be careful to watch dosing with it, like any other supplements, especially the extra strength one.

Here is a program that taught me a lot about supplements:BURN THE FAT!. It is a program that discusses supplements for nutrition and performance and it also covers a lot of other topics regarding overall diet and general nutrition, as well.

One very important component of the equation in seeking the stripper look is nutrition. The following post will go over what to and what not to eat to help you to look like a stripper. When you are making your food choices you want to make selections to fuel your machine.  The only way to acquire the stripper look, at least for most, is to do a lot of activity.  We will go over that another time.  But, you do have to keep that in mind when making dietary choices.

You want clean fuel. It is kinda’ like putting premium gas in your car.  You don’t want the cheap stuff they say has “gunk” in it.  You want to consume lean protein regularly.  Every 3 to 4 hours a portion about the size of your closed fist is ideal.  That will help regulate your blood sugar and insulin levels.

You want to eat plenty of fibrous carbs like green leafy vegetables, broccoli, and asparagus.  Asparagus and cantaloupe both have great natural diuretic effects, too.  If you feel like you are a little puffy and bloated they work wonders.

You should try to consume up to a gallon (640z) of water daily.  It will keep you hydrated and keep your system flushed out.  It will show in your skin, hair, body and even your energy level.  Being dehydrated can actually make you feel tired.

You need to keep junk to a minimum.  The occasional Krispy Kreme or drive-thru fast food is cool, just don’t make it your go-to meal of choice.  You get out what you put in.  So, if you are only consuming low nutritional value foods your appearance, your energy and even you moods will reflect that.

I flipped through tons of magazines, watched lots of shows and read plenty of books in an effort to figure out what to and what not to eat to look like a stripper. I found one program that covers it all, though. It is called The Diet Solution Program! It sums it all up and it will save you tons of time and effort by teaching you everything you need to know about nutrition to look like a stripper. So, check out The Diet Solution Program!. you will be happy you did. I know I am.

To get a stripper body what exercises should I do?
Many people think exotic dancers have perfect bodies. To get that type of body, you have to work for it.One of the key factors to your exercise program should be resistance training that focuses on core strength and another critical point is flexibility. Of course, we can’t forget cardio to show off the muscle underneath.
Resistance. training builds muscle. When you have muscle it gives your body the shape and tight look you are after. Exercises like Pilates and weight training are great for this. Weight exercises or band exercises that are done on a stability ball are even more beneficial and effective than without. Make sure you execute the movements in the full range of motion, using the concentric (push) and the eccentric (the opposite or down part of the move) completely going for “the burn” the whole way. This will incorporate slow twitch muscle fibers making the muscles hard-more dense.
The body beautiful must be flexible. Stretching will help give you the long, lean, muscular look. Again, pilates is great for this I too. Dancers have used pilates to train and sculpt their bodies since stripping was invented and before. Another great way to develop strength and flexibility is yoga. Yoga provides a host of other benefits, as well. Of course, pole dancing is an obvious activity in aspiring to have the stripper body, but we will go into that in detail on another day.
Even if you have great muscle tone if there is a blanket of body fat covering it you won’t be able to see it -The way to do that for most is cardiovascular conditioning. or just plain cardio. The more muscle you have when you do your Cardio the more productive it is. It takes energy to move muscles. The muscles take energy to moVe. While itltakes some energy to move fat, fat doesn’t burn anything when you are moving, make sense? So, you gotta get the muscle and strip the fat. You do this by getting your heart pumping. To burn that fat off you need to keep your heart rate at a moderately challenging rate for at least 26 minutes. Everything from there on is the melt zone. Some say 20 minutes, but you know for pretty darn certain after 26 you are taking care of business. Anything that makes you sweat is gonna do the trick- treadmill, skating, dancing, climbing, jumping rope. Whatever-just move your butt!
Which exercises to do, how much, how often, how ? I can be very confusing. When I found How to Build Muscle it was so cool not to have to check 50 different places every time I had a question. This book has the answers to the questions I had and I know How to Build Muscle has the answers to the questions you have about which exercises you should do and how to them to look like a stripper, too.

No. To look good for any length of time drugs are not the answer. You may get skinny for a minute, then when your adrenal glands are depleted, your brain chemicals such as epinephrine, nor epinephrine and serotonin are shot you end up with no muscle, high bodyfat, destroyed skin and other organs.

If you get lucky that’s all. If your not so lucky you’ll be broke, homeless, maybe a psychological condition or two. Drugs are not the answer. As far as using alcohol to look like a stripper, well, alcohol will make you look alike an uncoordinated, clumsy, dehydrated idiot. If you make alcohol part of your routine in pursuit of looking like a stripper you can also count on bloating, weight gain and maybe yellow skin instead of tan.

What you want is a positive visual impact. I found the program“Visual Impact” A Workout for the Lean Hollywood Look!!to be a tremendous tool to use instead of drugs to look like a stripper. “Visual Impact” A Workout for the Lean Hollywood Look! shows you how to workout in a way that gets you where you want to be, looking like a stripper, without using drugs and alcohol.